Update: Battle of the Stars – Knut Anders still in the running

As we are getting closer to the final, and there are fewer singers left in the contest, the remaining contestants now perform two songs from two different genres in each show. Tonight’s genres were gospel and punk.

For his gospel performance, Knut Anders decided to sing Oh, Happy Day, which he did to mixed reviews from the judges. They felt he started off too flat and weak, but all agreed that he nailed it during the second half of his performance.

In the punk category Knut Anders and his mentor from NRK chose Green Day’s Basket Case. This is definitely not his everyday kind of sound, but after another weak’ish start he delivered a strong performance.

Next week’s genres for the remaining four artists are musical theater and disco. Of all the styles they have performed so far, musical theater is probably the genre best fitting Knut Anders’ voice and training. However, he has surprised everybody with his abilities in all the styles they have performed so far, so who knows; perhaps he’ll give us a stellar disco performance too.

Those of you with a good memory and an even better eye might recognize another of the remaining contestants, Nicoline Berg Kaasin, as one of Margaret Berger’s backing singers in Malmö.

Image; Julia Marie Naglestad/NRK
Image; Julia Marie Naglestad/NRK
Image; NTB scanpix
Image; NTB scanpix
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