Update; Battle of the Stars – Euphoria takes Knut Anders to the final!

In tonight’s semifinal of Stjernekamp (Battle of the Stars) on NRK, Knut Anders, who represented Norway in the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest in Istanbul, secured one of the two spots in next Saturday’s final.

And as a fun twist; the song that took him to the final was Loreen’s winning entry from 2012, Euphoria.

In tonight’s show the three remaining artists competed in two very different genres; dansband and EMD.

Image; Julie Maria Naglestad/NRK
Image; Julie Maria Naglestad/NRK

Dansband is a Swedish/Norwegian type of dance music (that is pretty close to impossible to describe to a non-Scandi person…) that has also been heard from the MGP/MF stage a few times through the years. I’ll just mention two; Ole Ivars’ Som i himmelen (MGP 2008) and Thorleifs’ Sweet Kissing in the Moonlight (MF2009).

Knut Anders chose to sing two Swedish songs; Höga berg, djupa hav (High mountains, deep seas) and Euphoria. He did a great job with both songs and was the first finalist to be called.

In next week’s final Knut Anders will be competing against Nicoline Berg Kaasin. We do not know yet which genres they will be performing in the final, but in previous seasons the finalists get to choose one of the genres themselves.


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