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The 3 minute rule is ruining the Eurovision Song Contest

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  1. Hulk says:


    Far too many ESC-songs have a quite samey…and rather dull / predicatble structure…slow start…building up. Verse /chorus/chrous, birdige….a bloody annoying key change…then the chorus reapated 2-3 times.

    I am 100 % sure it would have been more different, complx and interesting without the “cram everything in withim 3 minute strss”. Seriously, how many song writes have to sue a stop watch to make songs??

    And – how many pop / rock songs made during the last 20-30 yars last for UNDER 3 minutes. OUTSIDE ESC? maybe 10 %…unless it’s a punk song, it’s rare.

    I sometimes miss more crealticitiv in the arragements…long intros. long instrumetal passages. More suerpriises….but that’s an utopica with this rule. look at FIK (The Albanian NF). they have no such rule. The songs then get a WAY more natural develpoment, it’s easy to hear. More unsual song sctructures, surprises, instumental solos.

    I have been waiting for this old-fashioned rule to be skipped for decades..nothing has happeed. I am sure many other music fans would have prefered that. In the 60s it was OK. popsongs were shorter…but not today

  2. Stephen says:

    I don’t see how an extra 30 seconds magically allows song writers to be more creative? Even with a longer limit, most entries will still follow well-trodden, predictable patterns just because countries don’t have the time or money to write anything more “special” than they do now.

    And don’t forget the most important part – without the 3 minute limit, we would have had to suffer Joe+Jake or Rykka or Serhat for another 30 seconds or more!!!

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