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How the myth of the impossible 6/4 split cost Finland the final

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  1. Ben Cook says:

    Don’t think you should be so quick to rule out Malta as a qualifier either

  2. Stephen says:

    That is an interesting theory, but I think the ad break hurt Finland more than what half it was in. Not only do you get people missing parts of the song because they didn’t get back from the bathroom in time for the show restarting, but when the show is chopped up into three sections, having a boundary half way through the middle section feels a little bit arbitrary when the viewers don’t have a clear separation of when the halfway point is?

    I don’t have any stats from previous semi finals to back this up from older contests, but did notice that last night, we got an even proportion of songs from each section. For example the first block had 3 qualifiers from 6 songs, the second had 4 from 7, the last had 3 from 5. I’ll be really curious to see if the same holds true tomorrow, and get some hint if this is coincidence, or a deliberate part of the producer running order stacking?

  3. Fatima says:

    None of this is good for the contest, because viewers and fans keep seeing unjust eliminations. Luke Fisher made a good point on the podcast, which was that the result is half based on something we haven’t seen. That is the jury final. Had most viewers known that AUS & BEL (but particularly AUS) had cleaner jury performances, then they wouldn’t be wondering how a song with such an excruciatingly bum note could have advanced. The juries should be voting on the performances we all see. It can’t be too hard to do that, can it?

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