Eurovision Trivia: So You Think You Know… Albania

Who’s ready for some Albania trivia?

With some weeks before we begin looking forward to Eurovision 2019, it’s that time in a Eurovision fan’s year to reflect on past years and all the good music and events they brought. And, if we may, some trivia.

So You Think You Know… is a new series that will arrive each Wednesday, each time focusing on a new active Eurovision country. We are starting alphabetically, so have a go at the first country in Europe alphabetically, Albania, and see how much you know about this Eurovision nation.

When did Albania first enter the Eurovision Song Contest?

How many female artists have Albania sent?

What is the Albanian National Selection show called?

How many times has Kejsi Tola participated in the Albanian National Selection?

What is the English translation of the Albanian 2008 entry 'Zemrën e lamë peng'?

Which of these titles isn't the Albanian version of a Eurovision entry that was translated to English?

What is the direct translation of Kenga Ime, Aurela Gace’s FiK 2011 winner?

What is the best performing Albanian entry?

Luiz Ejlli was the first Albanian artist to not qualify for the final. Who is their most recent non-qualifier?

Which Albanian performer(s) won the Barbara Dex award?

Which country has received the most points from Albania in the Grand Finals?

Has Albania ever opened or closed a semi-final or a grand final?

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