Eurovision Trivia: So You Think You Know… Finland

I have been looking forward to bringing You Finland trivia. This is because at least up until a few years ago, Finland were my favourite Eurovision country. They still are up there, and any country that had sent my favourite entry, that being Lordi, would always be up there, but they had an off year or two. In my opinion. But they are an interesting contributor nevertheless, once the perennial underachievers, gained the biggest win ever at the time with a very unusual song, not unlike how Portugal did it, in a different genre.

With a few weeks before we begin looking forward to Eurovision 2019, it’s that time in a Eurovision fan’s year to reflect on past years and all the good music and events they brought. And, also, some trivia.

So You Think You Know… is a series that will arrive each Wednesday, each time focusing on a new active Eurovision country. We are continuing alphabetically, France will be next.

Finland was one of Eurovision’s biggest underachievers before Lordi. What was the previous highest position they had finished in?

This was achieved by Marion Tong in 1973.

Which famous Finnish band won the public televote for the Eurovision entry in 2000? They didn’t represent Finland as Nina Astrom won the national final overall.

‘Sleepwalker’, from one of Nightwish’s early albums, was the track. As a huge fan of the band, this is a constant ‘what if’ moment that I often think about.

What is the Finnish national final called?

UMK (meaning ‘New Music Competition’) has been the format since 2012. Previously it was Euroviisukarsinta.

What were Lordi proclaiming has arrived?

Both Rockoning and Arockalypse are found in the lyrics. This is either cheesy or incredibly epic, I’ll let you guess which side I fall into.

What weapon does Mr Lordi wield in the Hard Rock Hallelujah performance? He held a microphone on its hilt.

What entry did Finland enter on home soil in 2007?

Waldo’s People was qualified for its final by the jury, extending Finland’s streak of consecutive finals to their longest ever in the semi era. How many was this?

The jury system was a special ruleset used in 2008 and 2009 only, allowing the jury to pick one song among the non-qualifiers to be advanced to the final.

Paradise Oskar walked on stage with a large graphic of what behind him?

What does ‘Nar Jag Blundar’ mean, and in which language is it?

PKN performed partly to raise awareness of which condition?

The band originates from a place to raise awareness for all developmental disabilities, but they entered Eurovision specifically as a band giving opportunities and awareness to Down’s syndrome.

Saara Aalto entered Eurovision for Finland in 2018 after how many attempts beforehand?

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