Find out when it is the birthdays of your favourite Eurovision artists!

An Xtra Happy Birthday; 21 June!

Yesterday on 20th of June two Eurovision singers celebrated their birthday. Today there are also two Eurovision artist that have a birthday. The birthday lady was one of the four winners of Eurovision 1969. And the birthday guy was part of his country debut act. Josef Vojtek and Salomé where born on this day! Salomé, 59 In 1969, Spain selected Salomé to be their representative in their home country at Eurovision. That is the contest was held in Madrid. Therefore she sang the  “Vivo cantando” on the stage. At the end of the show, four countries were tied in the first place. And at that time there were no rules how to brake a tie, which means that all four entries won that year. Spain was one of these four countries! Josef Vojtek, 53 Czech Republic selected the rock band Kabát in 2007 to be their debut act at Eurovision Song Contest. Josef is the lead vocalist of that band. Therefore they performed the song “Malá Dáma” at the semi final in Helsinki, Finland. Despite that a rock song won the year before, this song did not fit well with the voters, as it got only one point at the …

An Xtra Happy Birthday; 20 June

Yesterday on 19th of June three female Eurovision artist celebrated their birthday. Today however, there are two Eurovision birthday lads. One performed in 1992 and the other in 2016. Kenny Lübcke and Amir where born on this day. Kenny Lübcke, 52 Denmark selected the duet Kenny and Lotte Nilsson to be their representative at Eurovision the Eurovision Song Contest in 1992. Therefore they sang the song ” Alt det som ingen ser” at the stage in Malmö, Sweden. The duet got 42 points, that is they finished in 12th place out of 23 entries. Amir Haddad, 34 France selected the Israelian singer Amir to go on their behalf to Eurovision in 2016. The song “J’ai cherché” when released became as a big contender to win the contest. At the night of the final the song however got 257 points which landed Amir the 6th place. Which is the highest placement they France gotten since 2002. Here is an interview with Amir that we took at London Eurovision Party, before the contest in Kyiv. We all here at escXtra would like to wish the two of them the very best on their special day!  

An Xtra Happy Birthday; 19 June!

Yesterday on 18th of June, one Eurovision lady from Netherlands had a birthday. Today there is also a Eurovision performed from Netherlands that has a birthday along with two other Eurovision artist. Tanja Mihhailova, Glennis Grace and Amila Glamočak celebrate their birthday today! Amila Glamočak, 52 Bosnia and Herzegovina selected Amila to be their act at Eurovision Song Contest in 1995. Which means she got to sing “Za našu ljubav” at the stage in Oslo, Norway. The sweet song did not unfortunally for her did not catch many points and therefore finished second to last that year. Glennis Grace, 40 Netherlands chose Grace to be their representative at Eurovision in 2005. Therefore she sang “My Impossible Dream” in Kiev, Ukraine. Despite her powerful voice the song placed 14th in the semi final. Which means Glennis did not make it to the final. Tanja Mihhailova,35 In 2014, Estonia decided to go with the song “Amazing” to Eurovision. That is, Tanja performed the on stage with one dancer at the first semi final in Copenhagen, Denmark. Unfortunately for her the song did not advance to the final. We all here at escXtra would like to wish them amazing birthday greetings!

An Xtra Happy Birthday; 18 June!

Yesterday on 17th of June, four Eurovision performers celebrated their birthday. Today however there is one Eurovision birthday lady. She took part at Eurovision for her home country in 1977. Heddy Lester was born on this day. Heddy Lester, 68 In 1977 a panel of celebreties in Netherlands picked Heddy and the song her brother, Frank, wrote to be the countries act at Eurovision Song Contest. Therefore she sang “De mellemolen” at the 22nd Eurovision in London. Prior to the Contest it was thought her entry would end up higher then it did, that is it finished in 12th place out of 18 countries. The dutch act the year before and after ended up with similar results placeing 9th and 12th. However Netherlands won the contest in 1975 with the song “Ding-a-Dong“. We all here at escXtra would like to send Heddy wonderful and warm birthday greetings!

An Xtra Happy Birthday; 17 June

Yesterday saw just one Eurovision birthday, today, however, we have a total of four Eurostars to celebrate! Although none of them managed to finish very high up on the scoreboard, we do have a couple of left side results. One of our birthday boys is, or at least used to be, a world famous superstar, however, at Eurovision he only managed to finish 11th. We give you Lee Ryan, of Blue fame! Lee Ryan, 35 Lee Ryan represented the United Kingdom at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf. The entire Euroverse became quite fired up when news that the world famous boyband Blue was going to represent the United Kingdom in 2011 appeared. Their song “I Can” also became quite popular, and they were among the pre-contest favorites. Their live vocals left a bit to be desired, and they finished 11th on the night. Andrea Demirovic, 33 Andrea Demirovic represented Montenegro at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow. She performed the fun, up-tempo song “Get Out of My Life”. In her semi-final she finished in 11th place, thus failing to qualify for the grand final. Anzej Dezan, 31 Anzej Dezan represented Slovenia at the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest …

An Xtra Happy Birthday; 16 June!

Yesterday on 15th of June, two Eurovision singers celebrated their birthday. Today however, there is one birthday girl. Her Eurovision history includes few attempt at qualifying to Eurovision and being a back ground singer. Although her mark on Eurovision gave her home country Spain great results. Anabel Conde was born on this day! Anabel Conde, 43 In 1995, Televisión Española selected Conde to represent Spain at Eurovision Song Contest. Therefore she performed the song “Vulelve conmigo” on the stage in Dublin, Irealand. That was a good decision because she got 119 points at the final. Which means she gave Spain the second place. She has had three other national final entires, including one in Poland. She also joined Marian van de Wal in 2005 as a backing vocalist for Andorra. We all here at escXtra would like to wish Anabel the best on her special day!

An Xtra Happy Birthday; 15 June!

Yesterday on 14th of June, two Eurovision performers who performed silly song had a birthday. Today however, there is one birthday girl and one birthday boy. He went tried several times at his national selection in his country but only once made it to Eurovsion. The birthday girl however had represented her country two times, first at Junior Eurovision Song Contest and then the other six years later. Nevena Bozovic and Tor Endresen have a birthday today!   Tor Endresen, 59 Tor Endresen took part at the national selection several time in Norway. In 1997, Norway picked him as their representative to go Dublin Ireland. Unfortunately for him, his song “San Francisco” did not seem to  charm the Europe since it failed get any points at Eurovision. Nevena Bozovic, 24 Serbia first selected Nevena in 2007 for Junior Eurovision, where she performed the song “Piši Mi“. She made a great impression and reached the third place at the final. Nevena made historhy since she was Serbia also picked her in 2013 for Eurovision. Therefore she is the first to one to take part in both of the contest.  In Malmö she preformed with the trio Moje 3, and they sang …

An Xtra Happy Birthday; 14 June!

Yesterday 13th of June, a big group Eurovision Stars celebrated their birthday! Today however there are two Eurovision singers that have a birthday. Today’s artist have brought something different and silly to the stage. That is, one includes a made up language and the other has a Trojan Donkey! Rambo Amadeus and Yves Barbieux were born on this day! Rambo Amadeus, 55 Today’s birthday boy is truly one of a kind! When he participated in Eurovision Song Contest he was the first artist to “sing”, on a Eurovision stage, that hHe is the first person on a Eurovision stage that sang that didn’t really want to do well in the contest, he considers nudism to be good for rheumatism and that his only rule is to always stay cool like a swimming pool… And he brought with him on stage Eurovision’s first ever TROJAN DONKEY!!! Yes, we are of course talking of none other than the legendary Rambo Amadeus, who represented Montenegro in the 2012 Eurovision in Baku. He finished 15th in the first semi final with his entry “Euro Neuro”. Yves Barbieux, 49 Belgium selected the group Urban Trad to be their representative at Eurovision Song Contest in 2003. …

An Xtra Happy Birthday; 12 June!

Yesterday on 11th of June, quite many Eurovision stars celebrated their birthday. Today however, its a bit calmer since there are three Eurovision artist that got one year older! Two of them are also born in the same year. Amandine Bourgeois, Oscar Loya and Ivo Linna were born on this day! Ivo Linna, 69 In 1996, Estonia selected the duo Ivo and Maarja-Liis Ilus to go on their behalf to Eurovision in Oslo. That is why they sang “Kaelakee Hääl” at the stage. The song got great support and revived 94 points and therefore placed fifth at the contest. Joseph Oscar Loya, 39 Because the Ameriacn Oscar performed earlier at Eurovision then the next birthday Eurovision star we name him first. But Germany selected him to be their Representative at Eurovision in 2009. Therefore he sang “Miss Kiss Kiss Bang” at the final in Moscow along with Alex Christensen. The song ended in 20th place out of 25 countires. Amandine Bourgeois, 39 Amandine represented France in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö, with the song “L’enfer et moi”. She opened the show, and despite delivering a flawless performance, she only finished 23rd. We all here at escXtra would like …

An Xtra Happy Birthday; 11 June

Yesterday we celebrated two wonderful young Eurovision stars on their birthday. Today we multiply that by three and add one, and bring you no less than seven Eurovision birthday stars to congratulate! They are from just about all corners of the continent, and their results at Eurovision are also all over the place! The best result came in 2007, when Dimitry Koldun finished 6th!  Linda Williams, 63 Linda Williams represented the Netherlands at the 1981 Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin. She performed the song “Het is een wonder”, finishing in 9th place. Linda returned to the Eurovision stage 18 years later, as a backing singer for Vanessa Chinitor, representing Belgium Ota Váňa, 47 Ota Váňa represented the Czech Republic at the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki. He did so as part of the rock band Kabát. They performed the song “Malá Dáma”, as the first Czech entry in the contest. They finished dead last in the semi-final, receiving just one point (from Estonia), thus failing to qualify for the grand final. Mira Awad, 43 Mira Awad represented Israel at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow. She did so alongside Noa, performing the song “There Must Be Another Way”. Mira …