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Eurovision Prediction
    Waylon Outlaw In Em
    WATCH: Waylon in new music video for ‘Outlaw In ‘Em’
    LISTEN: All 43 Eurovision 2018 songs mashed-up in 8 minutes!
    Saara Aalto relases multilingual “Monsters”!
    Watch the official video for the Jovani remix of Ieva Zasimauskaitė’s “When We’re Old”!
    La Forza
    Getting operatic on the dance floor! Dance remix of La Forza out now
    Eugent Bushpepa Mall
    New music video for “Mall” released!
    Netta Barzilai Toy
    Time to hit the club! Dance remix of “Toy” out now
    Merci, Mercy! Madame Monsieur drop official video of Eurovision song
    Ilse DeLange
    Ilse DeLange releases first solo song in five years: ‘OK’
    Lie To Me
    Come closer! Here’s the new cleaned up version of “Lie To Me”
    Doredos My Lucky Day
    DoReDos release brand new music video for “My Lucky Day”
    aisel "x my heart"
    Azerbaijan’s Aisel releases music video for “X my heart”
    Samra is ready to ‘hypnotize’ us with new single
    Watch: Michael Schulte’s acoustic version of Eurovision entry
    Slavko Kalezić returns with new song ‘El Ritmo’
    Robin Stjernberg releases and talks about “his best song yet”: Love
    Pastora Soler releases “Ni Una Más” video