Try one of our personality or trivia quizzes about the Eurovision Song Contest!

QUIZ: How well did you pay attention during the rehearsals?

It’s been a week since the rehearsals kicked off in Lisbon. All countries have now had two rehearsals on the stage in Lisbon. This afternoon, we will have the Blue Carpet ceremony. After such a packed week, we were wondering… Can you remember all those little facts of the past week? How well did you pay attention in this past week? Let us know your result once you’ve taken our quiz below!

QUIZ: Which former Eurovision host are you?

In a little less than two weeks, we will see the hosting efforts our four Portuguese ladies will make. Will they be funny? Will they be serious? Do they need their script writers or does it all come from the head? We just don’t know yet. What we do know is how the former hosts were… And so we were wondering: Which former Eurovision host are you? Share your comments below or on social media!

QUIZ: Are you a true Eurovision 2018 expert? [PART 2]

After the overwhelming success of the first trivia quiz, we now present you with part 2! Fifteen more questions for you to answer. And we’ve tried not to make it too easy for you… Take the quiz below and let us know how you score! Are you going home with nil points or will you take the trophy home?

QUIZ: How similar are OGAE’s Eurovision musical tastes to yours?

When it comes to April, it is the annual OGAE Eurovision poll that many Eurovision fans keep an eye on to pass the wait until rehearsals get underway. Nevertheless, there is somewhat of a stigma around the OGAE poll in that it only represents a niche within the Eurovision fanbase. Therefore, we’ve devised a quiz so that you can find out whether your Eurovision tastes match those of the OGAE fandom! Take our simple quiz! For each contest since 2007, we’ve selected five entries. Some were loved by OGAE poll voters and some were not! Simply choose your personal favourite from our selection of entries in each contest. Then, our supercomputer will work out just how similar your favourite Eurovision entries are to that of the annual OGAE poll results! Now you’ve taken the quiz, if you are curious as to what the OGAE poll results looked like for the past eleven years, read the article below! Analysing eleven years of OGAE voting: “Strikingly similar” to betting odds What results did you get? Make sure you share your result and tag us @ESCXTRA!

Eurovision Quiz 2018: Which Semi Final 2 act are you?

Our Eurovision 2018 Quiz is back and we’ll be targeting the 18 acts competing in the second semi final as possible outcomes for our fun feature. Despite the fact that it might seem like the less competitive semi final, we can certainly say that this field of songs has plenty of interesting personalities and artists as potential outcomes. Countries competing in the second semi final 1. Norway 2. Romania 3. Serbia 4. San Marino 5. Denmark 6. Russia 7. Moldova 8. The Netherlands 9. Australia 10. Georgia 11. Poland 12. Malta 13. Hungary 14. Latvia 15. Sweden 16. Montenegro 17. Slovenia 18. Ukraine You can checkout the recap of all the songs here. The Eurovision 2018 semi final 2 quiz Share your results with us in the comments section below and on all social media platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter at @ESCXTRA.

QUIZ: Are you a true Eurovision 2018 expert?

We love to give you a bit of a quiz… This time, we’d like to know how much of a Eurovision 2018 expert you really are. Take the quiz below and let us know how you score! Are you going home with nil points or will you take the trophy home?

Eurovision Quiz 2018: Which Semi Final 1 act are you?

Is there a better way to start off your Sunday than with an Eurovision quiz. We certainly don’t think there is. Join us on our journey of Eurovision self discovery as we go through all the acts competing in the first semi final of the contest. On our Easter Sunday brunch menu we have nineteen acts, but the outcome can only be one. About the Eurovision Quiz We decided to keep it light and short. Which is why we only came up with ten questions which will help you determine your Eurovision fortune. Each answer is specifically connected to a certain act/artists. Kicking things off with your preferred music genres, mainstream TV shows and your zodiac sign. All to help you determine which act suits your personality the best. And no, you cannot fail this quiz …. All of our performers have an A+ in the personality department and so do their fans. Quiz your troubles away AND don’t forget to share YOUR results in the comment section below.